Mauritius Opera Festival - Ticketing

Opera and Symphony Concert prices

Venue : SVICC, Les Pailles Dates : Vendredi 4, opening ceremony at 19:30.
On 4th, 5th, 9th, 11th et 12th at 20:00 and sundays 6th and 13th at 15:00.

The VIP ticket includes:
• free snacks and refreshments during the interval • VIP parking close to the auditorium • a cocktail party with the artists after each performance • free programme
Normal Member Kids -12
VIP 5,000 4,750 2,500
Venue : SVICC, Les Pailles
Dates : Tuesday 8th September
Time : 20:00
Normal Member Kids -12ans
VIP 2,000 2,800 1,500

Variations on the Mauritian national anthem

The German composer Gregor Mayrhofer has written an arrangement of the Mauritian national anthem for concert orchestra, adapting its various lines for solo instruments. A treat.

Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia, overture

The Barber of Seville was performed in Mauritius for the first time in 1827. As for the Mauritian national anthem, Mauritian musicians will join the South African orchestra for the performance of this work.

Boïeldieu: La Dame Blanche, overture

This comic opera was very popular in nineteenth century Europe but has since fallen out of fashion. It was performed in Mauritius in 1827 for the first time and was produced frequently during subsequent operatic seasons.

Linzy Bacbotte: Creole song

Linzy Bacbotte has composed two unpublished songs, orchestrated specially for this occasion by the German composer Gregor Mayrhofer.

Hérold: Zampa, overture

Zampa or the Fiancée of Marble was likewise a popular nineteenth century comic opera now long forgotten, much like La Dame Blanche. Written in Paris in 1831, it was performed in Mauritius for the first time in 1836. This overture, particularly virtuosic, is a masterpiece in itself.

Linzy Bacbotte: Creole song

As with the above, this is an unpublished song whose title remains a secret.

Bizet: 1st orchestral suite from Carmen

This orchestral suite quotes most of the themes of the opera and will allow us a glimpse into the brilliant mind of Bizet, who is most famous for Carmen but also wrote the Pearl Fishers. As from 1885, Carmen was produced several times in Mauritius and some of the older generation can still recall the particularly polished 1939 performance.

Normal Member Kids -12


Obtain a free ticket (even a VIP pass at 5000 rupees) with any group of 15 people or more. Every ticket in the group must be in the same category and for the same evening and are valid for all ticket categories at full price. This offer applies to individuals as well as clubs, but not to companies. Special offers are also available for companies wishing to receive privileged clients, please contact Otayo – ph. 466 9999.

Dress Code

Evening dress is recommended for the evening performances, principally for the VIP lounge. For the matinée performances and the other events there is no specific recommendation.

Opening and closing time of doors

The inner hall and VIP lounge will be open one hour before the show and the opera hall itself 30 minutes before the performance. We strongly recommend arriving on time. The doors will be closed one minute before the show and the refreshment stalls 10 minutes before the show. Any spectator who arrives late will have to wait for the correct moment as indicated by people at the door to enter.


Cloakrooms will be provided in the inner hall as well as a refreshment stall. Unlimited refreshments and internet access will be provided free of charge in the VIP lounge.


For the matinée performances a shuttle service will operate between the bridge at Grande Rivière and the SVICC. Shared car space will also be encouraged. Those wishing to reserve parking spaces or offer them are kindly requested to give their name to Otayo, who will put them in touch with the relevant parties.
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Opera arias recital

Venue: Alliance Française Bell Village
Dates: Monday September 7th
Time: 20:00
Normal Member

Nuit Enchantée recital

Venue: Alliance Française Bell Village
Dates: Thursday September 10th
Time: 20:00
Normal Member

Please contact Otayo ticketing service :    phone: 466 9999 - mail: